1-Week Evangelism Training

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  • Monday 9th to Friday 13th July
  • 6:30pm to 9pm
  • Refreshments will be provided
  • Cost: TBC

PEACE Centre of Evangelism is passionate about providing training to members of the Seventh-day Adventist church to enable, equip and empower them to be effective witnesses in their local context.

This 1-week training programme will provide tangible tools and frameworks to support an individual in sharing their faith in a postmodern society. The training will be interactive, practical and is open for all individuals.


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DateTopicDetailsMore Information
Monday 9th JulyTBCTBC
Tuesday 10th JulyTBCTBC
Wednesday 11th JulyTBCTBC
Thursday 12th JulyTBCTBC
Friday 13th JulyTBCTBC


Listen to what previous students have said about PEACE
Adam Hazel

“PEACE was a pivotal point in my life. It came at just the right time. God, for some reason, led me there to get what I needed. It was at PEACE that I learned how to study the Bible, I came into contact with the gospel, I started to understand the foundations of the Seventh-day Adventist church, and it was a crucial catalyst for giving me a focus or a desire to enter into personal interest.”

~ Adam Hazel

Chantal Tomlinson

“I had an amazing time at PEACE. It literally changed my life. Since PEACE, looking for ways to reach out to others within my sphere of influence has been a top priority. PEACE also showed me that there is so much to learn and do in the work of God that there are no limits to our Christian experience.”

~ Chantal Tomlinson

Alycia Hanson

“I met like-minded people, and enjoyed working with them as a team to reach the community, to give bible studies and make friendships. I got over my fear of door knocking and finally heard someone properly teach righteousness by faith, which blew my mind. I learned about perseverance in the face of disappointment and made lasting friendships with most members of my class. We still are very close and are like family.”

~ Alycia Hanson

Deadline for applying: Sabbath 7th July

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